¿Why is it so fast and economic?

The database and programmation of the manageable modules are pre-fabricated, and the client only pays the installation of the custom design and the site's configuration. This way we guarantee the delivery of the product in less than 15 work days.


 ¿Do I Have to have any knowledge of programmation or design?

Of course not, the design already comes included in the template you choose, and the programming is already included in the license you acquire with the purchase of the solution. Adding the content is really simple through the control panel, you only have to fill the corresponding fields with the information and pictures you want to post. As easy as sending an E-mail!


¿Can I hire the system and host it in servers different from yours?

When you hire the system, you'll be acquiring the license of use of the tool and the initial configuration, that means you'll be renting the tool to use it on our servers for the time you pay the monthly fees. If you decide to stop renting the service, you will not have the source code, you'll only be given the graphic elements, since the source code is an exclusive right of our company. Nonetheless, in the case of registered domains, for example: "suempresa.com", You'll still be the owner of that domain, if you choose to change your website provider, you'll still be using the same URL to your website and e-mail.


¿What is the payment method?

50% in advance through paypal in our shopping cart or a bank account transfer (national and International) and 50% at the delivery.



¿Should I have the information to publish on my website ready before acquiring the service?

It's not necessary, remember that you'll be the webmaster of your website, filling every section (even if you don't have the programmation or design knowledge, thanks to the content management tools in ControlWeb360. You only have to give us your company's logo, a slogan, and 8 pictures o images to do the animations on the banner and develop the custom look and feel. Nevertheless, you can always hire our service without having this basic information, this way, with your passwords, you can fill your website, and when you have the information, you can send it to us to finish the integration. You have only 30 days to do that starting from the moment you hire the service.


¿What if i want to change my design after some time, to renew the image of my website, do i have to buy the license again?

Not at all. One of the great advantages of our system is that the solution is linked to the .css files that contain your website's graphic style. If you want to change the design, you'll only have to find the new design, change 30% of the current price of the license because of the redesign of your website, in 15 work days, you'll get a totally renewed graphic style for your website.


¿What does customer support cover?

The use of this tool is really simple, because you only have to fill the fields with the information, browse images form your local disk and add them to our content manager. On the other hand you have a video tutorial at your disposal that offers detailed explanations on how to use it and has a very user-friendly interface. Nonetheless, in case of specific doubts you can always contact our customer support via our e-mail info@controlweb360.com or through our phone number +1 (302) 4071308


¿Can you fill with content my website?

This tool's purpose is to present a control panel that allows the user that hires the service to fill the content fields without any Design or Programmation knowledge needed in a simple and easy way. It wouldn't make sense to hire this powerful tool and still depend on others (spending more money) to manage your website's content. If you don't have the time, you can ask your secretary, a family member, or a friend to do this task for you. If at any point you require that our company do this work for you, we'll gladly deliver your project.


¿Are the e-mail accounts with my domain name included in the monthly fees, i.e: sales@mycompany.com ?

Yes, you have 20 e-mail accounts at your disposal in the monthly package.


¿What other benefits do i get by hiring the monthly package?

Besides your 20 e-mail accounts, you have 1GB or server space, and 3GB of monthly transfer. You have the right to use the tool, domain name annual registration (in case you have none) and technical support for situations exempted form the user's manual .


¿What if i need more disk space, monthly transfers or more e-mail accounts?

Our company has dedicated servers, and we can offer all the capacities you need. We consider that 1GB for a website is more than enough, because any time you upload an image, our system will optimize it for web, making it a lighter file, and texts occupy almost no space in the disk. In any way, if you need more space, you can hire it as an extra, same goes for the e-mail accounts and the monthly transfers.


¿How far can i go editing the graphic style i chose for my website?

By allowing to create and maintain websites with a professional Graphic Style, we have decide to limit the use of our content manager tool this way: You can add pictures and texts in the different sections of the website, you can create tables, hyperlinks, put texts in bold, italic, underlined, and align texts to left or right, justify them, and center them. The same way you can create vignettes and lists. Nonetheless we don't allow the change of color, size, or type of font. Because these come from the model that will be personalized with the custom design we made for you. The tittles and content already have pre-defined colors in the design that will be installed, this guarantees that the client obtains a graphically professional website (Avoiding color festivals, and fonts that are not standarized for web use). On the other hand, the fact that these styles come from a file created by our Design area, will allow you (by only changing some files) to get a completely different website, with different colors, if needed, without the need to edit all the content of your site.



¿Will my website appear on search engines?

The system counts with a module named "Page configuration"  through which the client can add description metatags, and keywords, so that search engines can index your website on their database. You only have to fill the description fields ad the keywords. For example, Google will visit your website and get the keywords you put on your description, and determine the place or search ranking to add it to their directory.


¿What kind of content can i add to my website?

The client is completely responsible for any content that is added to the websites hosted in the hired servers, making sure that none of the websites have content that goes against the law, morals, or public order, that means, the client can't have copyrighted content without permission to use it, or any content that propagates violence, racism, xenophobia, verbal violence, terrorism, or any illegal behaviour, and the material that contains images or related information to child pornography, or handicapped people. We reserve the possibility of blocking the website in case we receive veritable information from any user that confirms the infringement of the law on the website.